Önskar go' jul med en tribute till Rebecca & Fionas senaste video, har Cold as X-mas på repeat just nu. ÄLSKAREN! Hoppas ni har det bra, vad ni är gör (och hoppas ni inte får ett epilepsianfall av dessa GIFs eheh sry isf). Puss! 
Wishing you a merry christmas with a tribute to Rebecca & Fiona's latest video, having Cold as X-mas on repeat right now. LOVE IT! Hope you're having a good day, whatever you're doing (and I really hope the GIFs didn't give you an epileptical seizure ehee sry if that's the case). xxxxx
 Best part of the video:
"Hold your sister's hand when the rain is falling down
Hold it, and she will be strong
Sisterhood is not challenging
Sisterhood is how we break all the patriarchal structures in society
Working together makes the sun shine 
I love girls forever"
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