Tjaba, tjena, hallå! Tycker det är dags att jag ger er en liten update om jag vad jag pysslar med om dagarna! Sedan januari jobbar jag för Artconnect, vilket är ett network för konstnärer samt ett online magasin. Mina huvudområden är att skapa content för magasinet och sköta våra social media channels. Det är så kul! Favoritgrejen är definitvt att åka runt o träffa olika konstnärer för att fota och skriva om dem. Tänkte ge er lite smakprov från de artiklar jag hittils skrivit. Here we go: 
Yoyoyo! I think it's about time that I give you all a little update on what I do all day! Since January I've been working at Artconnect, which is a network for artists and an online magazine. My main responsibilities are creating content for the magazine and managing our social media channels. It's so much fun! My fave task is def going around the city and meeting artists to photograph and write about. Thought I'd give you a little taste of the articles I've written so far. Here we go: 
After the paint on the last “boobhead” has dried up, it’s time to hit the streets! The group gets in formation in front of the gallery and someone immediately says: “It’s like an army of boobheads”. A laughing, posing and colourful Boobhead Army roaming the streets of Mitte – no wonder people are stopping to look and take photos.

The rain starts falling just when we’re about to enter Oranienburger Straße Station. There’s probably never been an S-Bahn ride with this much boobspreading in Berlin’s history ever before, it’s an amazing thing to witness. “People may sit here and wonder why there are a bunch of people with boobs instead of heads. And if they ask we can tell them that’s how objectification can make us feel: like we’re nothing more than our breasts”, Annique says. After two stops the group leaves the train. Ready to conquer Brandenburger Tor!

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For most of us architecture is just the set-design in our everyday lives. But for Jean-Baptiste Monnin it’s the leading star. When he looks at buildings he sees the small architectural details that many of us just pass by. For him, architecture is never static; it’s the backbone of his art.
It’s a typical grey morning in January when Artconnect enters Jean-Baptiste Monnin’s apartment in Schöneberg. The style of his home is a mirror of his drawings. It’s precise and in order; every object has its place. The difference though, is that the cat Bisou doesn’t run around in his artworks. It makes sense that a person who builds impressive abstract architectural drawings with thousands and thousands of exact lines is a person who also orders his succulents by size.
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A snow man is breathing glitch fire next to a naked couple having an intimate moment in bed; there are flowers everywhere. Pink letters are forming the words “I loved you for too long” above them. Artist Vincent Hulme’s Tumblr feed is as ironic as it is aesthetically pleasing; it’s also his biggest source of inspiration. His contemporary style can easily be recognised in the feed. He’s a lithographer, serigrapher, writer and performer or as he explains on his website: He’s doing his best to spread the word of Vince.
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Detta är alltså vad jag gjort istället för att ständigt lägga upp selfies och partybilder här. Men håll ut darls! Snart kommer jag säkert fatta det där med time managing så att jag kan sköta jobbet men även uppdatera denna webb bby *hoppas*. xoxo
So this is what I've been doing instead of constantly posting selfies and party pics here. But don't give up on me darls! I'll soon get a grip on that thing called time managing so that I can do my job and still update this little web bby *hopeful*. xoxo
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#1 - - Morsan :

Du är så himla duktig! Vet inte om det är ditt strålande fina reportage som gör det men boobhead grejen hade jag velat vara med om! Är det du som har fotat också?

Svar: Tack! Det va verkligen as-nice workshop! Jupp fotar alltid till mina artiklar :D
Veronica Jonsson

#2 - - thealicious:

du se så cool. känner mig cool som känner en sån cool person. och så är du bäst också. bäst bäst bäst

Svar: amen duråååå!!! <3333 Thealliiicioussssss is best! :*
Veronica Jonsson